27 November 2011

Sorry for the lack of posting!

I havent posted on here lately, I've been climbing a vicious mountain called, tumblr.  Fear not! I have returned to the land of blogger!  Not saying that I've abandoned tumblr mountain either.  I'm just going to use both and update this site as regularly as I used to. You can find a lot of my work at my on my tumblr still.  A lot of it is new and definitely hasn't been posted on here.

03 July 2011

I Heart the 80's: Magic Johnson

3 of 30: Magic Johnson

Bob Kentucky vs. Dokt Judo

I redrew a scene from an old comic book I made over a year or two ago, "The Ballad of Bob Kentucky." Dokt Judo is about to deliver a well deserved ass kicking to Bob Kentucky. Bob is an ex-pro wrestler who's on a quest to become the greatest fighter in the universe.  I might revisit the story again.

01 July 2011

I Heart the 80's: Cobra Commander

1 of 30

I Heart the 80's is a project that I'm doing with friends of mine. For 30 days we'll draw anything be it a real person or fictional character, as long as it's from the 80's. The first one is Cobra Commander!

29 June 2011

Battle Fighters: Barry vs Bragovich

A historic match up that absolutely no one cares about!

The Battle Fighters

The cast of the worst fighting game in the history of unmade fighting games, The Battle Fighters! My favorite one obviously is, Tree.

28 June 2011


Spent me night drawing this mess. It's noting amazing but I hopes you likes.