29 December 2009

Back to Normal

I just want to make clear that the middle puppet is supposed to be Jim Henson, and the first puppet is just a random puppet... if I had to do it over I'm have the order completely reversed though. Nothing negative by this, I'm a giant Jim Henson fan.

Line Abuse

Just Experimenting.

Chuckie Brown

This one I threw together real quick, cause I didn't post something yesterday. I'm probably going to do this over.

21 December 2009

Batman and The Forevers!

Robin and Alfred wanted to start a band, but as usual Batman; wanting to be apart of everything forced his way in. Look out for their first record, "Swear to Me!!!"

20 December 2009

Serge Gainsbourg - "Draw Serge" Submission

This is the Drawing I submitted to Draw Serge!, I'm hoping they post it, but even if they don't... eeeh? At least I gave it a shot.


This guy is one of my favorite villains, a certifiable lunatic and all around asshole. If you want to find out more about him, check out the amazing movie, "Yojimbo".

The Smoker

This is a couple months old, but I still like it.

18 December 2009

Old Stuff

It's only really a couple months old, but what a long couple of months it has been! 2009... the worst year of all time!

07 December 2009

I Gots a Twutter!

I got a Tweeetter, mainly to promote this blog and future projects. I didn't want to but I guess it's a necessary evil so I bit the bullet. So to celebrate the new Twatter I made a couple of new Twutta logos and as you can see everyone is covered!