31 March 2011

He's Only Killing Eagles Now?!

That would be the title of my Captain America story. Red Skull would just give up on world domination and focus his talents on exterminating eagles. It would be a very heartwarming tale of eagle saving and stuff.

29 March 2011

The Squiddler

Former marine biologist, Taco Springfield falls into a polluted lake behind a seafood restaurant and is immediately transformed into... The Squiddler! The Squiddler the has the power to... SWIM! Swim as fast as an out of shape 45 year old man can! He also has the power to not breathe land! The Squidler... Blows!

20 March 2011

Bear Bankrobber

This image popped into my mind as I was eating my dinner of waffles and coffee.

17 March 2011

The Kentucky Falls

What to do with this character. Many failed attempts to make something that I can stay interested long enough to follow through with. Sucks cause I like the character a lot. I'll figure something out soon enough, just got to go back to the script.

A Wednesday Night Drawing.

I dont know I felt inclined to draw these two. My enjoyment of the superhero comics these days are minimal at best.  I also read Aronofsky just left the film, 'The Wolverine' so there goes my interest in that movie too.