19 May 2010


Ummm... wow! So the new way to upload stuff is weird. Anyways! New drawing! Rankorrr the Beast Thrasher!

18 May 2010


I posted a Charlie's Angel parody logo on here a couple days ago, and I just decided to take it down. It was meant to be funny... and a parody. The boring logo compared to the original exciting one, but someone in the comments who posted anonymously decided to post a comment that was intended to cause conflict. So before this got completely out of control, I just decided to take it down. Sorry for the trouble.

13 May 2010

Still fixing stuffs on de blog, took a couple things off too. I figure I might want to use them later on down the road.

12 May 2010

02 May 2010

Pinic with David Lynch

Hey Oscar Wilde! You're Awesome

So a couple of weeks ago I got an email from Steven Gettis, who runs cool website, Asking me to contribute a sketch to the site. This is what I drew...

I want to thank Steven and for allowing me to contribute something to the site, and I recommend you guys checkout the site too.

01 May 2010

Earlier this week I was on the train, my usual morning routine. I usually choose to kill this time by drawing some pictures, in my drawing book of many abandoned pictures that you'll never see. So I'm trying to draw, cause obviously the train is not the smoothest ride. We reach the second stop, a guy gets on the train and takes the seat behind me. Now this action causes me to stop drawing completely. Why? Cause I didn't want the guy sitting behind me to think I was writing in my diary. Yes, that's why I stopped drawing, cause I assumed that the guy sitting behind me would see my hand movements and assume that I'm some 25 year old man writing in his diary on the train. I stopped doing the thing I loved the most, cause I assumed that some guy would assume I wasn't doing said action, but something completely unrelated. Pride? What's that? But you know what, lets act like I was writing in a diary that day, what would I have put down?

Dear Diary,

Today I reached my lowest point as a man, I traded in my pride for a Box of shame biscuits. On the back of the box of Shame Biscuits it reads, "Best eaten while crying!" So that's what I did diary, I went home and went into the bathroom, started crying and ate my Shame Biscuits.