02 May 2010

Hey Oscar Wilde! You're Awesome

So a couple of weeks ago I got an email from Steven Gettis, who runs cool website, Asking me to contribute a sketch to the site. This is what I drew...

I want to thank Steven and for allowing me to contribute something to the site, and I recommend you guys checkout the site too.


jason quinones said...

hey man! nice companion piece for that book! you are in pretty good company over at that oscasr wilde blog!

been looking through your blog this morning and commenting on a few pieces. great great stuff here! found your blog via your mars volta piece on art jumble. i commented on that one too.

The Fake Henry said...

Yeah, it was definitely a shocker, when I was asked to contribute, I'm still shocked actually and really grateful.

Yeah I've been reading the comments, thanks a lot good sir, I'm really glad you like my work, it's great motivation.