13 December 2010

24 October 2010

A Hoborine Tale

I made a quick Hobo-rine comic. The message in this comic is quite simple, NEVER offer anything to the less fortunate.  Mainly cause they're the unfortunate and you are not.  You sir/madam, are better than them and have to keep it that way. By giving to them, they too shall become fortunate and that would only decrease your fortunate stock. We can't have everyone in the world running around all FORTUNATE and stuff... there'd be chaos!

04 October 2010

24 September 2010

What I've been working on for the past couple of weeks, I'm really close to being done too! It's hard you know.  Drawing pictures and things and NOT maintaining any sort of personal life at the same time. It's harder than most people realize, but who gives a damn about that anyways, Fringe is back on!!

19 September 2010

07 September 2010

 I'm sorry for not posting as much, been busy as heck trying to think of stuff to draw.

17 August 2010

Jerome the Barbarian

Haven't been updating the blog as much as I've wanted too, been super busy! I did create a new character in my free time though, Jerome the Barbarian! How do I go about describing this character? A spoonful of Little Richard, a dash of Rick James, a hint of Conan the barbarian and a bucket load of asshole?

24 June 2010

A DocJudo comic

I liked this character so much that I decided to make a prequel comic, focused on him.  To be honest the prequel comic wont really explain much about the character either, it's just an excuse to write more insane dialogue for him to spit out. I don't have a title for this one yet, but the character's name is DocJudo for those wondering.

20 June 2010

Download the full comic!!

Download the full, The Ballad of Bob Kentucky comic here. Give it a look see and hopefully you guys have a laugh.