29 January 2010

The Quest for V

In the future when everyone has traded in their lemons for cars, one idiot with an awesome beard (he can't grow in real life so he gives himself one in his drawing) decides to keep his lemon, grab his awesome flashlight gun and fly to the highest hilltop to survey the endless valley of white whateverness(cause our illustrator has copped out of drawing a background) so he may begin his search for Power V!!!

27 January 2010

Luchas 4 Lunch

As it says on the piece. It's actual fact you can find it in the Bible... the chapter about Luchadores written by Carlos Santana.

26 January 2010

A Really Big Omelette

Me, egg, monster, white background, awesome sweater and the real me typing all this while I'm eating a bowl of waffle crisp!

24 January 2010

The Tracksuit Killer

Practically nothing is known about the, "Tracksuit Killer" unless you count the one story that claims he was once a 6 grade science teacher who lost it when one of his students told him that, Bill Nye the Science Guy was a cooler science teacher.

09 January 2010


His tenure on The Science Ninja Team Gatchaman was short lived. They claimed to have kicked him out cause he lacked any natural athletic, fighting, thinking abilities and he couldn't swim. I don't believe any of was definitely because he shoved tube socks down his suit to accentuate his bulge.

04 January 2010

John Carter of Mars

This is my entry for the John Carter of Mars contest on You can check it out here too.