08 May 2011

07 May 2011

Kumanga & the Boy!

Kumanga is a self aware giant robot and the boy is... the boy that sits in his chest. Together to do stuff together.

04 May 2011

Dead AstroNot

Carl was a shit astronaut. May he rest in peace. Im eating a moon pie right now and it is delish!

More Jerome Stuff

I redrew two pages of Jerome the Barbarian comic. It's in a completely different style altogether than the version I was working on months ago.  I liked how these came out and I decided to post them for folks to check out.

02 May 2011

Jerome the Barbarian.

It is the future of the year 2000. The Y2k bug has destroyed all the computers and the electronic things, sending the world back into the dark ages. Jerome a former pimp is left in this new world with a bad perm and without any bitches to pimp. So like any black man with a bad hairdo he arms himself with his cosmic wrench and becomes a barbarian warrior. His new job entails killing things and having tons of unprotected sex with the ladies. This makes no sense at all. Of course not. Good-bye.