24 March 2010

The Acid Anchorman

Got me a scanner and I'm finally scanning some artwork in! Good times folks! Good times!

18 March 2010

Stanley Kubrick

The late great Stanley Kubrick taking a myspace photo. Too bad everyone is on facebook.

15 March 2010

The Search Party

This was an idea I had for a short one day. It was really a chase story, the last Sasquatch on the run from a brutally scarred mad scientist and his creations, The Fluorescent. The Fluorescent are light in a physical form, and the scientist is sort of like a cross between Kurt Conners Aka The Lizard, and Dr. Robotnik.

14 March 2010

The Smoker Pt.2

I revisited an old picture I drew about year ago, which I called, "The Smoker". I always liked the original drawing but I really wanted to draw a second version. You can see the first one here.


02 March 2010