30 April 2010

It's the Train... Homes?

So, I have to hop on the train five days a week to go to my job, and I guess just having to sit there for about thirty minutes I begin to notice strange happenings in the public transportation universe. FOR EXAMPLE!!! There is this uncanny ability that only young black girls have, it's the ability to scream on their phones on a packed train like there is no one else around. And it always starts with the same magic phrase, "Let me tell you what this nigga did!" I don't know, just once, only once, I would love to not know, "What this nigga did." Gawd, I needs to buy me an ipod already!

07 April 2010

The Great Escape from the 37th Dimension

This one started out as a way bigger picture, there was a whole underwater scene and I decided last minute to remove it, it didn't seem to work. Took me a couple days to finish this one though, maybe cause I was watching True Blood while I was working on this. I started watching it based on my friend, Joe's recommendation and now I'm addicted to it.

P.S Yes that's a gimp!

05 April 2010

3 Hours on Planet X!

Spaceman Bob and his faithful canine companion, Sammy Davis Breckinridge the Third, are stranded on Planet X! With help being 3 hours away, will they be able to fight off the murderous inhabitants of Planet X and make it back home in time for Brunch?!

03 April 2010

The Great Underground Escape

I can't help it folks, for that past couple of days I've been only sketching out more situations to throw the bank robbers in. I don't what else to say besides, I hope you guys are enjoying the chaos.