30 April 2010

It's the Train... Homes?

So, I have to hop on the train five days a week to go to my job, and I guess just having to sit there for about thirty minutes I begin to notice strange happenings in the public transportation universe. FOR EXAMPLE!!! There is this uncanny ability that only young black girls have, it's the ability to scream on their phones on a packed train like there is no one else around. And it always starts with the same magic phrase, "Let me tell you what this nigga did!" I don't know, just once, only once, I would love to not know, "What this nigga did." Gawd, I needs to buy me an ipod already!


Joel said...

hahahahaha Philly never changes

LauraTheSull said...

OMG DUDE! eric and i got the BEST audio recording of this EXACT HAPPENING when we went down to visit you guys! those are literally the only words you can make out! i kid you not! ghetto is its own language man

jason quinones said...

too funny and too true! i ride the 7 train into manhattan everyday to work and my train is filled with high school kids who do this very same shit. it's prob one of the main (and or only) reasons why i bought an ipod in the first place. and i was one of hold outs too. my first ipod had a fancy ass, color screen.

but be warned...once you get one you'll be addicted. and it'll prob be the only way you'll listen to music ever again!