24 April 2010

Bathroom Fight! And Saving the Girlfriend!


damon said...

WOW that is cool

i like

LauraTheSull said...

you should look into 2-d platform gaming. lol (do they still make those?)

jason quinones said...

very cool indeed! the internet is a great place to play with really long panels like this! i've had an idea for a long panel strip but have yet to do it. maybe now i'll get around to it!

p.s. this panel also immediately reminded me of the hallway fight scene in the film oldboy. seen it?

The Fake Henry said...

What?! Have I seen Oldboy?!!! Waaay too many times, I loves that movie, it was what I was thinking of when I was drawing this, but a friend of mine had an idea to do an Oldboy hallway scene drawing, which I still hope he does.