18 May 2010


I posted a Charlie's Angel parody logo on here a couple days ago, and I just decided to take it down. It was meant to be funny... and a parody. The boring logo compared to the original exciting one, but someone in the comments who posted anonymously decided to post a comment that was intended to cause conflict. So before this got completely out of control, I just decided to take it down. Sorry for the trouble.


Joel said...

hahaha yea man I saw that one coming! I looked at the logo and I was like "ouchhhhhh, that's going to hurt him, I'll stay away from that one" haha

The Fake Henry said...

Haha! Yes sir, lesson learned.

LauraTheSull said...

oh. hah. II thought it was funny.

The Fake Henry said...

Thanks Laura.

jason quinones said...

shit man! now i wanna know what all the hub-bub was about!

liking the new blog look!

and !@#$ the haters! they're always anonymous cowards! i've had my share! do what you feel is cool and funny.