08 February 2010

They Should Make This Movie!

Marty Mcfly traveled back to 1985, were he met teen wolf, Scott Howard. Both were very shocked over the obvious facial similarities and their mutual love for Michael J. Fox films. Their friendship blossomed over a game of Mario Bros. Basketball(The game was banned on Earth, due to it not being real), until Marty made a pass at Scott's girlfriend, Lisa. Angered Scott transforms into the teen wolf and eats Marty, knowing what he did was wrong, he assumes Marty's identity and travels back to the future and now fights crime as a basketball playing teen wolf in the future!!


samyk said...

Hey real cool blog !! :D


The Fake Henry said...

Thanks good sir.

damon said...

to cool

Kristoffer W. Mikkelsen said...

Oh man this is one potent mix!
I've been meaning to draw Mcfly for a long time since im obsessed with hoverboards, but I've never seen him quite this cool looking!